Kit de alarma wireless AX PRO Middle Level DS-PWA96-Kit-WE,


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Kit de alarma wireless AX PRO Middle Level DS-PWA96-Kit-WE, Wireless Control Panel Kit, 868MHz two-way wireless; Dual Wireless Technology: Tri-X & CAM-X; Long RF transmission range; Up to 96 Wireless Zones/Outputs, 8 Wireless Ta Readers/Keypads, 6 Wireless Sounder, 48 Keyfobs, 4 Wireless Repeaters, 48 Tags; PIRCAM supported; Built-in LAN, WiFi and 3/4G; Built-in Card Reader; Up to 32 areas, 48 users, and 5000 log events; Voice Prompt; Multiple configuration via Web Client, Hik- Connect and Convergence Cloud(Hik-ProConnect)(Hik-Connect and Hik- ProConnect configuration depends on the user access level); Pushes alarm notification via SMS or Voice Call; HD Live Videos from Hik-Connect; 4- ch 7s Alarm Video Clips(5s before + 2s after, or reverse) via E-mail or Hik-Connect; Built-in 4520mAh lithium backup battery for 12 hours (standby time); Uploads alarm reports to ARC; SIA-DC09 Protocol, and supports both Contact-ID and SIA-DCS data format Support ISUP 5.0, ISAPI (SDK) Protocols;Componenta kit: centrala DS-PWA96-M-WE x 1buc, telecomanda DS-PKF1-WE x 1buc, detector DS-PDP15P-EG2-WE x 1buc, contact magnetic DS-PDMC-EG2-WE x 1buc

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